Germantown High School Basketball Team 1947

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GHS Basketball Team 1947
1946-1947 Basketball Team

The 1946-1947 Basketball Squad got away to a slow start due to injuries, sickness, and other factors. Almost every game was a close battle from start to finish nine of the seventeen games in the regular schedule were decided by margins of five points or less. 

In the District Tournament, the Red Devils drew a bye in the first round. After Bartlett upset Millington in a red-hot contest, the Panthers lost to Germantown 31-26 in the second round. Meanwhile, Bolton had upset Whitehaven to reach the finals. In the game between Bolton and Germantown, the Red Devils were in control all the way to cap a 38-28 verdict, and the District Trophy.

In the Unit Tournament, Germantown, representing the First District, met Messick, the second-place team from the Second District (Memphis). After leading 18-15 at the half, the Red Devils went down before the torrid basket-shooting of “Stumpy” Kirk to lose 41-32.

The starting quintet was composed of Capt. John “Sonny” Payne and Billy “Stubby” Peters, forwards, Elton “Bubber” Heckle, center, Bobby Lanier and Jimmy Springfield, guards. Skippy Daniel and David Posey were capable substitutes whose entrance to the lineup caused no weakening of the team play.

GHS Basketball Team 1948

Germantown High School Basketball Team 1948

Front Row:
#33- Tom McLaughlin, #32- Skippy Daniel, #30- David Posey, #31-Hood Goodrich,
#34 Boyd Arthur
Back Row:
#38- Bobby Taylor, #36-Charlie La Croix, #35-Hugh Hurst, #37- Rodney Berry,
#39- Robert Pinkston

1947 Germantown High School Football Program

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How Germantown’s Athletic Field Got its First Lights

At an early meeting of the Germantown Civic Club, the new president, C. C. Burford, announced to the Club that he thought that the project of improving the Athletic Field would be a good one for the year of 1947. All of the members of the Club were in agreement with the president.

An Athletic Committee composed of Everett Justis, chairman; Boyd Arthur, C.O. Franklin, and Frank Posey was appointed by Mr. Burford. This committee, working with Mr. Burford and Ralph Hunt, laid plans for the carrying out of the project.

It was decided that the Club would borrow the necessary money from residents and friends of the community. Several two-men teams were appointed to call on these residents and friends, and in a short time, the necessary amount of money had been raised.

The contract for the erection of the lights was let to the Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Division and although some of the reflectors were late coming in, the lights were installed according to specifications. This was done at a cost of $4000. The bleachers were constructed at a cost of $1880.

The payment of the loans is to be made with money raised by Civic Club and School sponsored events and from profits from this program. It is hoped that the indebtedness will be retired within two years.

Sales of advertising space in the program were carried out by Reeves Hughes, Barbara Wallace, Ruth Campbell, Coach Leon Stevenson, and Frank Posey.

The faculty and students of M.C. Williams School, members of the Civic Club, and the followers of the athletic teams of Germantown High School express their gratitude to all those good friends who supported this effort with their loans, donations, and advertising.