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The mission of the Germantown Historical Preservation Association (GHPA) is to promote a “sense of place” for the history of Germantown by collecting, documenting, preserving, and sharing information through an online museum and exhibits. Its membership is interested in promoting and advancing interest and knowledge in our city’s history and civic development.

Currently, Germantown’s history is exhibited in eight permanent venues around the city. You may find our city’s history at the Germantown Depot, Methodist Hospital Germantown, Fort Germantown, Bobby Lanier Farm Park, Kroger and Trader Joe’s. Our city’s story can also be found on photo markers as you walk along Germantown Road and Poplar Pike. Our six cemeteries contain the stories of people that “were Germantown”. One month each year we create an exhibit for the library.

The GHPA is a 501(c)-3 and wishes to thank its contributors who made this website possible, including a grant from the Shelby County (TN) Commission, the City of Germantown and individuals like yourself who equally shared in the creation of this website.

We invite you to share stories and photos of our city’s history in order to increase our knowledge and our “sense of place”. With new information and the financial support of our readers, we will continue to share our city’s history with anyone, anytime and anywhere. Your donations will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your support!

Andrew Pouncey, President
Germantown Historical Preservation Association

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