Shepherd and Plunkett Family Cemetery
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Shepherd and Plunkett Cemetery

The SHEPHERD and PLUNKETT Family Cemetery is located in Germantown, TN behind a home in an undisclosed development to ensure the privacy of the homeowner whose backyard contains the small cemetery.


Marker found with ‘GERMANTOWN’ scratched on it.

Graham Emma Hilliard

Emma Hilliard GrahamMar. 28, 1842
Find a Grave #- None Found

Plunkett, Elizabeth A.

Elizabeth PlunkettWife of A.N. Plunkett
BORN May 7, 1819  
DIED Oct. 6, 1884

Marker has ‘Mother’ at the top with Ivy on the crown on headstone. Clasped hands below Mother.


Find a Grave #131326704

Plunkett, A.N.

A.N. PlunkettBorn in Williamsburg, Va. Oct. 10, 1810
Died Germantown, Tenn. Feb. 29, 1884
“FATHER” at the top of marker


Marker is on the ground, has clasping hands at top and is outside of the curbing of the grave. Granite foot stone with ‘FATHER’ inscribed

Find a Grave #131326560


Bottom of A.N. Plunkett marker.A.N. Plunkett

Shepherd, E.W.

E.W. ShepherdBorn Sept. 12, 1857
Died Aug. 20, 1888

Aged 30 years 11 months 8 days





Overview of E.W. Shepherd grave with curbingE.W. Shepherd


Shepherd, John H.

John H. Shepherd“Our Brother”
BORN June 15, 1859     DIED June 8, 1884
“Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.”

Find a Grave #131326779





John Shepherd

Shepherd. Sidney B.


BORN IN Fayette Co. Tenn.  Aug. 28, 1849
Died Shelby Co. Tenn.   July 1, 1881
Age 31 years 10 mo. 3 dys.

“Blessed are the pure in heart For they shall see God.”

Marker has ivy along crown of headstone with shaking hands.
Stone has fallen and is cracked multiple places.

Find a Grave # 131326801


Walker, Sarah W.

Sarah W. Walker“Our Mother” Died Oct. 2, 1878, Aged 85 years
Find a Grave #131326830