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Willie J. Ragland

Crew Supervisor for Meter Readers

Willie J. Ragland retired from the City of Germantown on February 26, 2021. Willie, one of 11 siblings (five (5) brothers and six (6) sisters), was born to Joby and Marie Ragland in 1961. He was raised in Raleigh, TN, and loved playing basketball as a youth. He and his wife Marilyn have three children, two boys, and a girl.

Willie came to the city on August 10, 1981, and reported to Parks and Recreation in one room of the Neshoba School on Southern Avenue.  All that they needed to cut grass. and prepare ballfields was located in that one room. He worked alongside Bobby Carter, James Pool, and Starry Stiggers. Early on, he answered to Jerry Turner, while David Jones was his supervisor. Later, he would work under Danny Hutchinson and Mike Sorenson, as well as Jay Hollingsworth, Sam Beach, and Bo Mills.

Later, he was assigned to the Water Department as a Meter Reader. While they are working towards reading meters electronically, they still perform that function by reading each meter. His title today is Crew Supervisor for Meter Readers.  

If you know Willie, you know how even-tempered and people-oriented he is. “People have been good to me, and I have enjoyed working with everyone here at the City of Germantown.”

Willie J. Ragland, Crew Supervisor for Meter Readers

Willie J. Ragland, Crew Supervisor for Meter Readers