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Physical Development of Germantown High School

The Germantown News
October 16, 1986

1833    The first public school for Germantown had its beginning in a log schoolhouse

1879    School was in session in the Masonic Lodge, located on Germantown Road South.

1885    School was moved into the Methodist Church which was located at 2305 McVay Road.

1886    School was returned to the Masonic Hall.

1889    A lot was purchased at 2370 Germantown Road, and a small frame building of four rooms was erected the following year.

1891    School burned.  Another school was built on the same lot and was ready for classes in 1892.

1905    Miss Mable C. Williams became principal.  She remained in that capacity until January 1909, when she was elected superintendent of Shelby County Schools.

Germantown High School Student Body – 1908 The Bess Barry Collection
Germantown High School Student Body- 1908, (The Bess Barry Collection)

1910    Board of Education bought three acres of land at 7553 Old Poplar Pike.  A building titled Mabel C. Williams High School with five classrooms and a study hall was erected here, and classes were begun in 1911.

GHS Class 1911
Class of 1911

1918    Addition to 1911 building with separate science and shop building.

1919    Germantown School became a 12-grade school.

1927    A small adjoining lot was purchased, and a cafeteria and gymnasium were added.

1933    More land was purchased, making total of 19.10 acres.

1934    Second addition consisting of eight rooms plus enlargement of the study hall was completed.

1947    Football field with lights and bleachers was dedicated as the Ralph B. Hunt Athletic Field

1947 Football Roster

1958    House and lot of approximately one-acre adjacent to the campus was purchased. A new gymnasium was completed in 1959 with a seating capacity of 1200.  A new baseball field with lights was also installed.

1961    New high school building was completed. Two acres adjacent to the campus were purchased and the grounds were cleared for a suitable playground.

1964    An eighteen-room elementary school was built enabling separation of the elementary grades from nine through twelve.

1967    Addition consisting of twelve classrooms, two science labs, and a cafeteria was completed, as well as a sixteen-room wing added to the elementary school.

1970    Quarter-mile rubberized track was completed.

1973    Work begun on a new high school building consisting of twelve classrooms, a language arts department, administrative and guidance offices, an auditorium, a band complex, and a women’s gymnasium

1974    Alterations were completed on the science wing and the art department.   A covered walk connecting the new to the old building and a circular driveway crossing the front of the campus was also completed.  The old high school building was torn down to make room for a proposed vocational building to be completed by 1976.

1975-6 Vocational buildings were completed for use in the 1975-1976 school year.  These buildings, identified as “V” and “S” buildings, were designed to house 17 vocational classes and labs.

1980    An athletic building located at the south end of the football field and called the fieldhouse, was completed.  This facility provides space for football dressing rooms and weightlifting, as well as public restrooms and a concession stand.

1980-1 A new Germantown Middle School building was occupied.  The removal of the middle school to a new site allowed the acquisition of three buildings for use by the high school.  These “M”, “M” Annex, and “M” Gym.

1982    Classroom “V” building was remodeled and equipped as a cable television production studio.  This $100,000 addition was funded by Germantown Cablevision as a part of its franchise agreement with the City of Germantown.

2013    Germantown School District was formed, and Germantown Elementary School, Germantown Middle School, and Germantown High School remained in Shelby County Schools.


Germantown Lodge, No. 95. F. & A.M.Germantown Lodge, No. 95. F. & A.M.

Masonic Lodge

Mabel Williams Hughes

Mabel Williams Hughes

Original Mabel C. Williams High School, 1911Germantown School Circa 1879

Original Mabel C. Williams High School -1911


Mabel Williams High School Students

Mabel C Williams 1934

Mabel Williams High School 1934

MC Williams High School

M.C. Williams High School Graduating Class 1943

Germantown Football Field & Fieldhouse

Germantown Football Field & Fieldhouse